What is an Aromatherapy Treatment?

An Aromatherapy treatment is a holistic approach in aiding the client as both a preventative measure and providing suggestions to assist the client to help him or herself. An Aromatherapy treatment may be applied in several ways. Spritzers, creams/lotions, inhalations, baths/soaks, compress and massage are some of the ways to utilize the essential oils, which ever is best to treat the client with.

The Aromatherapy massage is a very gentle technique incorporating elements of Swedish massage, polarity, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, reflexology and subtle energy work. Very deep work or vigorous Swedish strokes are too stimulating when accompanied by essential oils. The mere addition of essential oils which generally increase the circulation to body work this is very deep or substantially increases circulation is too stimulation for the body.

In an Aromatherapy massage, the essential oils are doing a great deal of the therapeutic work and are not utilized solely for scent purposes.  


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