Benefits of Massage

Two most obvious benefits:

  1. The healing power of touch and the exchange of energy that takes place between the aromatherapist and the client.
  2. The plant energy of essential oils.

Better known benefits:

  1. Increases circulation to bodily tissues
  2. Loosens tightened muscles.
  3. Cleansing the system and releasing toxins. Helps with detoxification of the body.
  4. Relieving pain in a particular area.
  5. Promotes lymph flow (I will explain in more detail shortly).
  6. Makes the client more aware of their body.
  7. Mental strain and physical fatigue are relieved, leading to renewed energy and ambition.
  8. Digestion, assimilation and elimination problems are often corrected as the essential oils balance the body systems.
  9. Facial massage helps prevent problems, blemish skin, tones the skin and softens lines.
  10.  Headache and eye strain are often relieved.
  11.  Mildly-high blood pressure is temporarily reduced.
  12.  Massage does much to improve the body’s metabolism, being of benefit in cases of obesity and the presence of flabby muscles.
  13. Absorption and distribution of fat soluble nutrients.
  14. Drainage of excess fluid from body cells and tissues.
  15. Fighting infections. Lymph nodes make lymphocytes, which produces antibodies. Lymph nodes are the filtering stations for the lymphatic system.
  16. Hodgkin’s Disease
  17. Lymphodema
  18. Cellulite


The Massage benefits the client the most through the Lymphatic System and through our largest organ: the skin.

The lymphatic system functions together with the circulatory/cardiovascular system for the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the tissue cells and the removal of metabolic waste products.

The functions of the Lymph System:

  1. Absorption and distribution of fat soluble nutrients.
  2. Drainage of excess fluid from body cells and tissues.
  3. Fighting infections.  Lymph nodes make lymphocytes, which produces antibodies.  Lymph nodes are the filtering stations for the lymphatic system.

Unlike the circulatory system (where blood is pumped into and out of the heart), the lymphatic system in one-way system.

The functions of the system are to return fluid (lymph) to the circulatory system from the intercellular spaces. As the lymph system has no pump to move the fluid around (like the circulatory system with the heart), it depends on muscular compression and body activity to move the fluid through the body.

If the Lymphatic System fails to function efficiently, excess fluid and toxins build up in the body and can cause pain, loss of energy, infection and open the door to infection and disease.

Some Lymphatic Ailments and conditions:

  1. Hodgkin’s Disease
  2. Lymphodema
  3. Cellulite

One of the ways to help yourself and to ensure your Lymphatic System is working is to perform the Dry brushing routine. (Explain)

This not only helps with your lymph system, but also helps to exfoliate all over your body, helps with increased circulation and not to mention helping with your energy level in the morning.

Sluggish skin contributes to dull complexion, cold hands and feet and constipation are other signs of poor circulation. Increased circulation brings warmth to the extremities, improved complexion, and acts as a mild laxative.



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